About Us

Since 2004, Rotherham Cancer Care Centre has been supporting local people who have cancer or have been affected by cancer. Through one to one assessment we give people time to talk about their fears and concerns and provide complementary therapies and/or counselling to improve quality of life.

Working with the NHS

We work alongside the NHS and offer professional counselling and complementary therapies.

Our team of skilled counsellors and complementary therapists specialise in supporting those with cancer.

Our services are provided free of charge. Anyone affected by cancer can access our free of charge packages of support by simply calling us on 01709 375729.

What to Expect

Upon contacting the Centre, we will offer an appointment for an initial assessment with one of our assessors, during which you will be given the time to talk about your thoughts and concerns.

Your assessor will help you sort out your thoughts and together you will decide how best we can support you. After choosing an appropriate therapy, your next appointment will be made for you before you leave.

Our trained professionals will work closely with you to give you individually tailored support at critical times, helping you to find ways to adjust, cope and improve the quality of your life.Following your course of therapy sessions you will be reviewed to check your progress.

Getting Help

You can self refer to the Centre, there is no need for a referral from your health care professional although they will very often provide you with our details and suggest you contact us by phone to make an appointment.

You will be given an appointment with one of our assessors who will listen to your story and together you will make a plan of care, based on your concerns and needs. We will provide you with a number of sessions with one of our therapists.

You will be reviewed at the end of your course of treatment to assess any improvement in your ability to cope with your concerns and feelings. We would expect that you will have seen a real improvement in your ability to cope with your concerns and feelings. You will be made aware that you can return to the Centre at any time in the future should you feel the need.

Our Model

We follow the same model of care as Cavendish Cancer Care and believe that people affected by cancer have individual needs that cannot always be fully addressed by their health care providers and social support networks.

We offer a place for people to talk, and someone to help them deal with the way cancer has affected them and their life. We became an independent charity in 2012 and began operating as Maples Cancer Care in 2017, returning in 2020 to Rotherham Cancer Care centre.

Cancer survivors face numerous physical, psychological, social, spiritual and financial issues for the remaining years of their lives. People affected by cancer often feel a variety of emotions from fear, to anxiety, anger, depression and loneliness. We are here to help local people.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life for people living with cancer by providing emotional and psychological support to them and their families where and when they need it most.

People affected by cancer have individual needs that cannot always be addressed by their health care providers and social networks. We offer a place for people to go to talk and get emotional support to help them deal with the way cancer has affected them and their life.

Our Mission

To provide care and support to Rotherham residents affected by cancer.

People affected by cancer have individual needs that cannot always be addressed by their health care providers and social networks. We offer a place for people to go to talk and get emotional support to help them deal with the way cancer has affected them and their life.

Our Values

All the staff and volunteers work hard to make a difference, and work together to make a real, positive impact for people affected by cancer. We act in the best interests of our patients, our supporters and our staff and are accountable for our activities.

We value people’s differences and opinions and treat people with respect and courtesy. We set ourselves high standards to provide the services we do and believe the care and support provided makes a real difference to our service users.

The Team

Meet the team, the Trustees, Therapists, and Assessors.

He was awarded an MBE in 2011 for services to Healthcare and the Community.

Stephen has been a GP in Rotherham since 1982; he has particular interests in Mental Health and Palliative Care. He has been involved in the development of Rotherham Hospice, fundraising from the start and working there since it opened.

Stephen is active in the BMA and Rotherham Round Table, currently being secretary of the former and Chairman of the 41 Club (Old Round Table). Stephen has been a Trustee of Rotherham Cancer Care since January 2016 and is currently Chairman.

It was a great privilege to become a trustee and be part of a team to continue to support the centre to ensure the service can continue.

Ruth has three of her own children and has worked, teaching and supporting in schools for over 17 years, working with children from birth – 16 years until she became a childminder in 2018. A job she loves and finds very rewarding.

Ruth became a Trustee for Rotherham Cancer Care after having her own experience with the effects of cancer. “After using the centre, myself, I realised how important a service like this is to Rotherham residents. Somewhere to go for support in a warm, friendly, non-judgmental environment.

Joanne qualified in reflexology in 2008, and is a member of the Association of Reflexologists.

Joining Rotherham Cancer Care Centre in July 2014, providing reflexology to cancer patients and carers, concentrating on any physical, emotional or psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis that may not necessarily have been addressed by a health care provider.

Joanne is following in her Father’s footsteps, as he worked as a therapist at Cavendish Cancer Care, Sheffield until he retired in 2014. Joanne is also qualified in the NADA 5-point Acu-Detox Protocol, providing auricular acupuncture for cancer patients.

Qualified as a complementary therapist in 2007 and joined Rotherham Cancer Care Centre in 2009.

She has previously volunteered at Rotherham Hospice where she provided therapies and bereavement support. and when she is not working at Rotherham Cancer Care Centre, Dawn provides therapy services on behalf of Cavendish Cancer Care within their outreach service at Weston Park Hospital.

Dawn has also been a volunteer therapist for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in the past.

My name is Angela, I am an integrative counsellor working with adults. .

I will work with you in an open minded, empathetic, impartial and accepting manner, where you feel valued and accepted for who you are. I am committed to providing a service where you feel you can explore your life, how you wish to move forward on your journey.

Life passes many challenges that can feel a huge weight, often making you feel exhausted, lost and lonely. You may not know where to turn or feel you are unable to talk with those around you. This can feel very challenging and overwhelming .

Listening, responding and signposting as required.

I have supported cancer patients and their carers throughout my extensive nursing career. As an Upper GI nurse specialist supporting patients with oesophageal and gastric cancer along their journey.

Then latterly with Western Park Cancer Charity supporting anyone affected by cancer including all cancer types, supporting the worried, well and beyond.

I am Ladonia, first things first my name is from a Lonnie Donnington song, San Miguel

In my past I have been a nursing assistant in Rotherham then trained as a mental health nurser in St Helens and Liverpool.

decided to volunteer as I like people and my family says my skill is talking (they may not have said skill!) and I now also support with Admin tasks, as required, its a fabulous place to be involved with.

Having done some volunteering for RCCC a few years ago, I am delighted to re-join the charity as a Trustee with a focus on fund raising.

Martin hails from Oxfordshire, and came to Sheffield for University in 1975. He moved to Rotherham in 1979 and had a career in marketing and then Mainstream and latterly, Special Education until retirement in 2021.

He now spends his time walking his Cocker Spaniel locally and in the National Parks and likes to travel as much as possible. Having lost his first wife to cancer at the age of 49, he is delighted to dedicate some time to supporting the staff and clients at RCCC.

Mick works both here at RCCC and the Cavendish Centre as an Assessor and Therapist at both organizations.

Mick was born at a very young age, and doesn’t seem to have grown up much since then. When Mick was a child his mum asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He replied: “When I grow up I want to be a soldier.” His mum replied: “No son, you can’t do both.”

Mick works both here at RCCC and the Cavendish Centre as an Assessor and Therapist at both organizations. He offers the therapies of hypnotherapy and reiki.

I would say that 80% of my work these days falls under mental health issues. I can use hypnotherapy to support anything apart from psychosis.

My main areas of expertise are, anxiety and stress management, and Understanding how to use the breath (and other techniques) to manage anxiety, pain and sleep management.

Other areas include stopping smoking, weight management inc eating disorders, fears and phobias, addiction, IBS management, hypnobirthing, hypnotherapy and meditation practice, including breathwork.

I am very passionate about looking after all my clients and ensuring they get the right treatment, feel comfortable and have a meaningful experience.

I work as a freelance holistic therapist delivering a range of therapies to a diverse range of clients, including cancer patients. Many of my clients are suffering depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma.

My most popular therapies are: Reiki, Hot Stones, Indian Head Massage, Swedish Massage, Hopi Ear Candles, Meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique. I also deliver themes wellbeing workshops and retreats

I've worked with various organisations and charities and founded the A Better Tomorrow Project.

Which helped provide free education and skills training to the most vulnerable and marginalised communities across the world. I am also the founder member of the Talk n Train group, helping improve the health and wellbeing of the Rotherham Community.

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